When I was in the first grade, I told my teacher I could not draw.   “Of course you can.” she said.   I believed her.  She was right.  That was the start of my life as an artist

mex din picI have worked and played with art in one setting or another ever since.  I used art often as a teacher of  special needs children.  As the mother of young children, on rainy afternoons, I covered the kitchen table with newspaper, lit candles and joined with my children in holding crayons in the flames and dripping the colored wax onto construction paper.  It was our version of abstract expressionism

I went on to study art at Bowling Green State University (Ohio), trained as an Art Therapist at Vermont College (Montpelier), used art in personal exploration and with clients for many years in the practice of Art Therapy.  Despite the satisfaction I had in my work, I looked forward to the time when I could make art full time.

My wish came true.  Today I live in St Petersburg, Florida and am, happily, the full time artist I dreamed of being.  I devote many hours each week to making art in my studio at the ArtsXchange in the St Petersburg warehouse arts district. 



I am an eclectic artist.  While I work primarily in oils, acrylics, or oil and cold wax medium, I cant stay away from trying new approaches whenever possible.  Keeps me on my artistic toes, interested and involved.  In my work, I use bright, joyful colors, textures and patterns that lead my viewers to feel like they are moving through the painting.  I am told that, often, a viewer finds a sense of comfort in the experience.